Micro Foam Magnetic Discharge device
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Micro Foam Magnetic Discharge device

Product Overview

Micro-bubble magnetic discharge device using a number of physical principles, its core part of the spiral tube, is welded by copper wire three-dimensional mesh structure, these metal mesh can make the fluid in the interior to produce a relatively static area, intercepting the flow of water caused by turbulence. Turbulence state causes the velocity and pressure of water flow to change and release bubbles, bubbles due to the molecular force of a large number of aggregation in the metal mesh, impurities use the proportion difference from the fluid separation, separated gas and impurities are collected into the upper exhaust tank and the lower storage tank, respectively, the collected gas through the top exhaust tank real-time automatic exhaust Metallic debris is excluded by the bottom drain valve.

Product Features

1. No maintenance, easy to install
2. Quickly remove large amounts of free gas
3. Solve the system of oxygen corrosion, extend the service life of the system equipment 
4. Effective removal of metal debris and sewage

Technical parameters 

1. Maximum working pressure: 16bar
2. Applicable flow rate: 3m/s
3. Impurity removal Strength: 5μm
4. Applicable water temperature 0℃~90℃

Diagram of installation of micro foam magnetic discharge device

Products Structure decomposition diagram

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