Auto Brush Front Filter
Product details

How it works

The pressure and flow of the fluid (tap water) are used to drive the brush axle rotation to achieve a scraping brush on the inner surface of the filter Cup and the outer surface of the filter. Using the rotating axis to rotate at high speed to produce vortex flow, the impurities in the cavity and so on backwash clean.

Feature features 

1. the real automatic scrubbing
2. high-speed vortex automatic backwash
3. short cleaning time, less water, cleaning the cleanest
4. Large flow rate
5. the protection of downstream water equipment, extend the service life
6. free disassembly and washing 
7. Solve two pollution problems

Technical parameters

Inlet pressure:0.1Mpa-0.8Mpa
NET flow:3m3/h
Ambient Humidity:≤90%
Usage temperature:4-40℃
application: Municipal water supply
Filtration Accuracy:40um
Cleaning method: Automatic scraping + high speed vortex automatic backwash
Diameter of incoming and outgoing water:
3/4External thread, 1/2External thread,20PPR
Filter material:316Stainless steel

Installation diagram

Warm tips:
1. To reserve enough installation space, the front filter distance from the wall is greater than 80mm, the pipe is more than 400mm away from the ground
2. Water pressure requirements greater than 0.1MPa 
3. According to the corresponding installation diagram to reserve access to water pipes, sewage vents, floor leaks

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