Backwater device
Backwater device
Product details

Scope of application

Can be applied to all kinds of gas water heaters, electric water heaters, solar water heaters, air energy water heaters, wall-mounted furnaces, home heating systems.

Product Features

To ensure that the temperature of the water pipe is not less than the set value of domestic water is "open and hot" type, increase water comfort than the traditional "open and hot" way to save energy 10%~20% has a delay function, to avoid frequent start and stop.

How it works

Household backwater system, also known as hot water preheating cycle device, its function is mainly water heater through this device, to preheat the hot water in the water pipe in advance, so that customers in the use of hot water, open the faucet is out of hot water, no longer the pipeline in the cold The working principle of the backwater system with the return tube is analyzed: a return pipe is added to the water end furthest from the water heater, and a temperature sensing device and valve are installed. When we use water when turning on the faucet, through the temperature sensing device induction, if cold water, then open the valve, so that cold water through the back pipe into the water heater for two heating; when the temperature sensor sensed that the hot water had come, it immediately closed the valve and the faucet flowed out of hot water.

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