Auto Brush Front Filter
Product details

How it works

Intelligent self-cleaning, using hydrodynamics, drives the brush bar to rotate at high speed, and automatically cleans both sides of the filter cup filter screen to achieve self-cleaning, thereby avoiding secondary pollution.

1. the real automatic scrubbing
2. high-speed vortex automatic backwash
3. short cleaning time, less water, cleaning the cleanest
4. Large flow rate
5. the protection of downstream water equipment, extend the service life
6. free disassembly and washing 
7. Solve two pollution problems

Technical parameters

Rated water purification flow:   4m³ /h
Work Flow:  ≥1m³ /h
Working water pressure:  ≥0.1Mpa
Connector size:  PPR DE25.DE20
Suitable for water quality:  Tap water
Suitable for water temperature:   5-40℃
Filtering accuracy:   40μm
Filter material: 316

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